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Saturday, December 6, 2008

giving thanks for the horses...

At some point over the winter I like give thanks for something very important in my life. Horses. Horses have given me:

So for the horses in my life and for the horse people in my life I thank Epona, guardian of the horse. And in her honor I want to share with you....

The Wild Mares by Ann Moura

The rain fell gently, mistily; my heart with joy aroused;
List'ning to ethereal song drift through the storm tossed clouds;
I wandered 'cross the grassy mounds, long hair blown in the wind,
Embracing now the moment's charm, my own voice chorused in.

I found I yearned for Elder woods and Fairie Lands Beyond;
Lush verdant realms in primal haze, where Other Folk had gone.
I saw across the shining sea, the gleaming Fair Domains,
And looked within to ponder how I might these lands attain.

My lunar mind released to me the knowledge that I sought,
I raised my arms and to the Wind I called without a thought;
E-PON-A! E-PON-A! Send me the wild mares!
White steeds with flashing teeth and tangled manes to take me there.

The wind rose and 'cross the tor, the hoofbeats sounded sharp;
The air now split with wild shrieks as horses cleared the mark!
With certitude I stood my ground, in timeless magic cue;
And great white beasts, all sleek with rain rampaged into my view!

They slowed their pace and arced to me; I stood within their breach,
I spied the lead, who with a friend, came gently to my reach.
The leader passed with ado, the second t'ward me drew;
They tossed their heads and stamped their feet and that was when I knew.

The wild mares were what I loved! The race against the wind!
I leaped upon the second steed and rode off with a grin.
Within the herd I traveled fast, my laughter flying free;

E-PON-A! E-PON-A! You heard my call to thee!
You sent me wild mares to ride, across the Elder Sea.


  1. Good morning Celestite! Oh this is just lovely. I too am a great horse lover. I am in total awe of their beauty and majesty! My son says when he is rich he will buy me a farm where I can have an appaloosa. I absolutely love appaloosas!

  2. There is nothing that beats horses in your life. I just loved this poem when I found it.



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