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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

first quarter moon

Friday, December 5 at 4:26pm (EST) is the waxing quarter moon.
This is the time for gathering and increasing.
Moonrise is at 12:08pm and moonset is at 12:09am (on the 6th). While the moon is in the sky, light a white candle and meditate on your psychic abilities. Ask the Goddess to help you increase your powers. Breathe, relax, focus on the purity of the flame on the white candle. Listen to your intuitive voice, ignore your analytical voice, you can listen to it later. Let the intuitive part of your mind reach out without judgement or censor.
Allow the candle to burn itself out.
(a tea light burns for about 4 hours, don't leave a burning candle unattended)

Magick doesn't always have to be serious in order to work.
Here is a fun prosperity spell from Ellen Dugan's Kitchen Witchery.

Mix together a teaspoon of cinnamon for prosperity, a teaspoon of allspice to bring money and a half cup of sugar to sweeten up your life. Mix the ingredients together then pour into a glass container. Snap or screw the lid into place.
Empower the mixture to bring prosperity into your life. Try this charm.

Sugar and spice and everything nice,
Make up this Witch's spell.
A pinch of magick, a bit of charm,
And all will turn out well.

Put a pinch in a charm bag. Seal a tablespoon into an envelope and put it in your bill drawer or the bottom of your purse to bring money.

Sprinkle a spoonful on your buttered toast in the morning to add prosperity and success to your day.


  1. your site is wonderful!! I will be back no doubt! Thanks for the information about this friday!

  2. Thank you. Hope you come back again soon.

  3. Good morning Celestite! I have something for you dear, just follow the link:

  4. Cool! Thank you!
    Now I have to figure out where to hang it.

  5. What a sweet ritual! I wish I read it before the time passed! Either way, I do love reading your blog, so thank you and brightest blessings!



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