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Friday, December 26, 2008

December New Moon

By the calendar it is the last New Moon of the year, but it feels like the first. Solstice has passed, the sun is returning, the new year is already starting, January 1st is just a date on paper. I generally celebrate the Full Moons more than the New Moons, but this New Moon has taken on special meaning for me, this feels like a very power filled time of the year.

I will celebrate it with a psychic house cleaning, banishing negativity from the premises and allowing the light to enter. A good sage smudging is my favorite way to do this, but unlike some people, I love the smell of sage, even burning sage. I use the bundled sage that is sold for smudging. Another option is sage and sweetgrass, I found a local shop that carries this made by a local craftsman and I love it also. If sage or sweetgrass is going to drive you out of the house instead of the negative energies, try lavender which also has great cleansing power. You can find lavender and sweetgrass bundled with sage, or use just use lavender incense.

After you have finished smudging and blowing the smoke outside, sprinkle sea salt around the boundaries of the property, inside or out or both. Sea salt is a good boundary ward. Ask the Elementals to assist with this part, showing them the area that you want protected.

Then I will cast a circle and do a simple candle spell for prosperity in all its forms and lastly I will offer the coming year to the Goddess and ask her to continue to allow me to follow her path and grow and learn.

The New Moon is on Saturday, December 27 at 7:22 am EST

If you would like more information about smudging, check out this article on

1 comment:

  1. I plan to do a journey trance this new moon. Asking the universe for health, and to connect to my spirit guides in trance work.
    This is part of a new goal of mine to celebrate one moon phase a month. I hope to work in two by next year.
    Blessings to you for your new year.



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