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Thursday, June 24, 2010


There is a new book out on Hekate, HEKATE Her Sacred Fires by Sorita d'Este, Raven Digitalis, and Vikki Bramshaw.  Cool, I am planning to read it.  But I am not building an altar for Hekate and declaring that I am now working with her as I order it from Amazon.  I follow a lot of blogs and all over the blogosphere I am seeing people popping up with this new found interest in Hekate and claiming a deep understanding and relationship with her.   And while some new to the Craft have always been smitten with the idea of Dark Goddesses, it is hard to watch.  I saw one blog this morning of a very sincere and quite inexperienced writer, who was delighted just a few weeks ago to find Cunningham's books, now writing about her new workings with Hekate.
I know a few, a very few, people who work with Hekate.  They are thoughtful, careful and respectful in their dealings with her.  Yes, they are excited about the new book too, but they are not basing their relationship on it. 
For anyone thinking of approaching a Dark Goddess based on one book or online chatter, Tolkien offered some very good advice, "do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."
Apply that to the Dark Goddesses and think about it before you ask one of them to dance. 


  1. my sil says the same thing about Kal;i ! she respects her but says she has no idea why or when she would ever call on her ☺ kinda like I may know exactly who satan is ,a fallen angel etc. I know who he is know his purpose etc. why on earth would I call on him .
    I'm just going to write about sacred fires , fire keppers etc. so now I must look up Hekate I have never heard of her .
    Thanks so much

  2. I agree, Celestite. A true encounter with the Dark Goddess is perilous -- the "dark night of the soul" from which you may or may not return. I don't think it is ever something that should be voluntarily sought. If you are Her daughter, the Dark Goddess will seek you out, not vice versa. We should honour the Dark Goddesses but not approach them unless invited.

  3. Much like Kali, I revere Hekate from a respectful and distant space. That she's showing so much in the greater consciousness can be both positive and negative as you know. On one hand, I think it says people are wanting to get in touch with their own shadow selves and darkness, on the other hand as you quoted from Tolkien if people go happily and blindly into exploring the darker realm, oh boy! Thanks for the review and insight into who the flavor of the month is, NO disrespect to Hekate or any Goddess/God ;)



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