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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Full Moon - Storm Moon

Storm Moon also called the Quickening Moon or the Death Moon

The February Full Moon reminds us that we can weather any storm.
Imagine before modern society...February was a time of great hardship in the Northern Hemisphere. Lambs and calves were being born and perhaps there was a hint of new grass. But temperatures were extreme, storms were intense, the food selected in the fall to last til spring is running out. The first hint of spring brings hope, but not much else. Even spring harvest is far away and eating any livestock now means reducing the herd that will live 'til fall to supply food for the next winter. Now is the time to tighten the belt, keep the fires burning, nourish and care for any tiny living thing that brings hope. Few people in the western world live this way anymore, but the cycles of the seasons, the feelings of hardship and deprivation, the longing for spring are hardwired into us.

Take those feelings and the feelings that the cold and grey bring out in you and use them this Full Moon. Call on the Goddess for courage, for fortitude, for the wisdom to make good decisions in our lives. Our hardships, our life changing decisions, our goals and plans do not, in general, hinge on the turning of the seasons any more, but our ancestral memory does and this is the time to celebrate strength, to regroup in your life to rededicate your self to the things that you value. If your life is in transition, ask the Goddess for the wisdom to make the good decisions, not the easy ones. If things are going smoothly, ask the Goddess to be present as you continue down this path.

As you may know, I don't generally do magick on the Full Moon. Unless it is really necessary, I prefer to use these days to honor and celebrate the Goddess and life.
I will light a white candle and thank the Mother Goddess for life and do a meditation to connect with the energy of the universe.
Then I will burn some incense and thank Bast, who leaped into my life with a bucketful of courage not too long ago, to continue whatever it is that she is doing.

I hope your Full Moon is peaceful and blessed. Full Moon is at 11:38am EST.


  1. A wonderful Full Moon to you. May your journey with Bast be blessed.

  2. Blessed for you too.Here in the other Hemisphere we are waiting for rain and for Summer to be finally gone, the green arrive and all to be refreshed and renewed.

  3. I know I'm late, but I hope you had a wonderful full moon esbat.




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