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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Full Moon and Brigid

With a Full Moon and Imbolc so close together I am planning to connect the two. I want to ask Brigid for her blessing on Imbolc, as this day is dedicated to her. Since I don't normally work with Brigid I thought it would be nice (and polite) to introduce myself first by honoring her at the Full Moon.
Brigid is known by many names; Brigid, Bride, Brig, Brigantia, St. Brigid. She is a Celtic goddess of fire, a triple goddess. The Irish honored her fiery sword and the Scots honored her fire of home and hearth. She brings spring by breathing fire into the frozen winter earth and she is the shepherdess that delivers the first lambs of spring. Imbolc is dedicated to her and candles are used to represent her fire spirit. Christians named her St. Brigid and renamed Imbolc as Candlemas Day. But regardless of the name, the day was dedicated to asking the Fire Goddess for her blessings in the form of light and warmth.

Honor Brigid on the Full Moon with a simple candle ritual.
Connect with the Moon and the Earth in whatever way you wish. Meditation, music, dance, being outside in the light of the Full Moon are all great ways to celebrate the moment.

Anoint the candle with an oil that makes you think of Brigid. You may pick the oil you wish. Think of her various roles as warrior, guardian of hearth and home, healer, goddess of spring. Pick the oil for the association that helps you connect to the aspect of Brigid that calls to you.

Light the candle and mediate on the fire aspect of Brigid, ask her to be present with you at this time.
Make an offering the the form of a poem, song, blessing or prayer.

(This one is from Goddess Alive by Michele Sky)

I thank you Brigid, for you presence here in my home,
For giving me warmth of heart and hearth.
As the sisters of old, I have honored you in the traditional way.
May my love for you be felt through time and space,
Across the universe, upon the earth and under the sea.
Although the light of this candle goes out,
I carry your flame in my breast.

Most Blessed Brigid,
living light,
bright arrow,
sudden blaze,
Goddess of the sun
and of the eternal fire
I guard your flame.


That's all you need to do. Do more if you wish, but this is a respectful way to introduce yourself and the Full Moon is always a special day to connect with goddess.
Put the candle out and set it aside. You will want to use candles on Imbolc and this one can be relit and rededicated to her at that time.

Full Moon is Friday night/Saturday morning January 29/30 1:18am EST

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  1. Thank you , that is most helpful

  2. This is a nice combining full moon rite and introduction to Brigid. Thanks for sharing your observance of this.


  3. Wonderful! I'm really looking forward to honoring the Goddess Brigid this full moon!

  4. Wonderful inspiration for honoring the Goddess!

  5. I'm really happy about Imbolc this year - I'm so ready for Spring!

    Thanks for the lovely thoughts on honouring Brigid.

  6. This is beautiful.

    I had a wonderful Imbolc. Brighid is my patron Goddess, so this is one of my favorite Sabbats. :)



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