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Thursday, June 25, 2009

a warning......(really a very small rant)

In the last few weeks I have received emails from a half dozen people who are looking for information about Paganism. I have answered their questions, referred them to different sources and tried to steer them in the right direction for their first few steps. I do not take people by the hand and try to lead them anywhere, that violates my own sense of what the gods and goddesses want from us.
Other than the lists of questions and sometimes requests that take on the tone of demands, I never hear from them again and not one single thank you from any of them.
On the off chance that any of them ever come back here again....I offer one last bit of information....

Do not go chasing after gods and goddesses with your gimme gimme may be shocked and unhappy about what you get.


  1. Hear hear. What goes around comes around.

  2. Great post, I hope they take it to heart!

  3. BTW, I had problems with my blog and had to close it.. I had to start over..



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