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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mainstream,like it or not

I listen to several very good motivational podcasts. Mostly life coaches giving good, concrete suggestions for getting unstuck in your day and moving forward.
positive thinking
the law of attraction
replacing your negative thoughts

They can call this stuff anything they's magick. I think it would work even better than it does for most people if they recognized that it is magick and learned more about grounding and drawing and casting energy to go along with the positive thinking....but it is still magick. It is changing your world with your thoughts instead of your hands.

Today one of these podcasters said that when you are thinking negative thoughts all the time you are drawing those negative energies to you in a very real metaphysical sense.

very..... real..... metaphysical

There are three words I bet you never thought to hear together except in the company of other pagans. The fact is, when people open their minds to possibilities, they come into this stuff through the backdoor.

Somewhere along the line it is going to be our responsibility to show people the next step....the energy part, which I would bet most people who work on positive thinking might reject in the early days....but they will be more open to it later.

Non-denominational magick....separating magick from the spiritual. Many magicians have done it. It's not for me, but I would be willing to help someone along who wants to keep the two separate.

Any thoughts along these lines?

1 comment:

  1. I think magic is separate from spirituality as it is merely the art of energy manipulation to achieve a goal. OTOH it makes more sense and provides less chance of accidentally screwing up the universe to practice magic within a spiritual and ethical framework. As far as getting the general populace to accept magic as 'not that wierd', we have to demystify it. 2 things that we, as witches, can do is 1) stand there and be ourselves as people and 2) point out where magic is already present in familiar practices ie. various Christian customs.



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