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Monday, February 16, 2009

New Podcasts!

I found two great new pagan podcasts last night. I went through most of the pagan podcasts on iTunes to see was what current and find any new ones. My life is not really as boring as that sounds, this is a project that I promised that I would do......ummm....a while ago.

I found two new podcasts. OK, one new podcast and one that started at the beginning of December, but it is new to me. I also found several that I had never heard of that were only one or two episodes, early in 08 or even earlier. Some of these had great first shows, it is a shame that they did not continue.

So...what I found last night....

First up:
Foxtayle's Proud Pagan Podcast. This one is going to be great (assuming it continues).
Foxtayle has a great conversational style and interesting things to share. Only one episode out so far, I am waiting for the next. Her's are scheduled for the dark moons. You can contact Foxtayle through her website.

And second:
The other, that started in December, is Lakefront Pagan Voice hosted by Scarlet. She is doing an every other week podcast and has some interesting topics. She is also laying it all out there, revealing her own personal feelings about the topics. This one will be good also. The only drawback to this podcast is that, as far as I can tell, you can only contact her if you join Facebook, My Space or PodBean. So I was not able to leave her a comment. If anyone has any other info, please let me know.

I have added both of them to my list in the sidebar. Speaking of that, I am going to be cleaning up the sidebar list. Any podcast that hasn't has a new episode in 6 months is coming off of the list. There are several now defunct podcasts that are well worth listening to, and they are available on iTunes for anyone interested to find. I am going to keep my list focused on current casts and the ones that I personally listen to. The list of pagan podcasts is growing and I think that is absolutely wonderful, but I can't honestly recommend them all and I am going to limit the list to those that I can. No offense to anyone, but there are a couple that I do not care for and there are several, perhaps many, that I like but I simply do not have the time to listen to. I recommend iTunes for a (hopefully) complete list. Also, Hedonsdog's index list will be a more complete list.


  1. interesting- havent done much podcasting so now might be the time to try.
    Lisa xx

  2. Thanks for the update! My podcast "A Witch's Primer" is off Itunes for the time being, but I'm still doing it. It got very popular and its ranking spilled over into the main "Religion and Spirituality" category. This visibility caused the Christian activists to bombard me with hate mail. If you feel like listing it, please do!

  3. I didn't realize it wasn't on the list, I'll add it when I edit the list. So sorry you upset the wingnuts.



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