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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Moon

The New Moon was last night, Tuesday 2/24/09 at 8:35pm EST.

I missed it, did you?

New Moons are about new beginnings. If you are starting a new project, a new phase in your life, or just need to cleanse and feel new yourself, go ahead and do a ritual or spell today with that intent. We are still under the influence of the new moon and the universe listens to intent.


  1. I had a great morning ritual earlier today, welcoming the new moon and all of the new beginnings I am manifesting for myself. I feel energized and ready for my new beginnings.

  2. I found your blog off of the pagan bloggers network.. Cool blog!

    I missed the new moon too.. but you're right we are still under its influence and there is still time to do something :-D


  3. Thank you for this post and the inspiration.

  4. i so new moon and the energy that everyhting is possible
    Lisa x



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