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Saturday, November 26, 2011

spam and spam and spam

You would not believe how much spam has been generated by the little blog post over a year ago titled  House Cleaning Witchy Style.  Fortunately Blogger has caught them, at least many of them, I haven't actually checked the post comments for a long time.  I am willing to bet that of the companies trying to use this post as a launch point for their ad, MOST of them have not read the post - they would probably be horrified.
LOL - just had to share.  What has drawn the most spam on your blog?


  1. I have had some very strange spams from Indonesia. those little people are apparently very creepy lol.

  2. I used to get comments in another language, I don't remember now which one. I took the time to translate one and found out it was spam - directing people to a porn site. Once I labeled one as spam Blogger started catching them. I had let it go for a while before I did a translation. There are lots of strange people out there.

  3. I haven't gotten spam posts. But I find I get a lot of hits on my water and earth meditation posts, yet none of them have ever gotten a comment.

  4. Keep on posting. This comment is from a real human.



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