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Friday, February 18, 2011

February Full Moon - Storm Moon, Quickening Moon

February Full Moon 3:36am EST
In the Northern Hemisphere energy is beginning to flow, you can feel the earth starting to awaken, but the winter is not over and for our ancestors this was a time of extreme hardship and of hope that spring would arrive soon.
This is a good time to center your ritual around cleaning out the old to make room for the new.  Get rid of clutter and unused items.  Make your living and work space fresh and clean.  Leave space in your life for the next cycle.
This is also a time to do fertility rituals.
As we look forward to spring, don't forget to honor the moment we are in  The stark, cold, quiet February Moon should not be rushed past on the way to spring.


  1. Some sound advice there. Aren't we lucky that here in the west, there is food in abundance and freezers to keep it in.
    I shall soon be using my broom to cleanse my living space.
    Love your last sentence.

  2. I like seeing full moon photos from other pags, it's nice to know that we really aren't alone in our revelries. I wonder just how many of us put full moon photos up on our blogs?- )O(

  3. I can't wait for the definite arrival of spring. The full moon on March 19th will be shiny reminder that the icy winter is over, and then the Spring Equinox will make things certain. This winter has been just too cold and too long.

  4. Quite a lot of us do I think(-: I have a few up on mine too. Will be out this friday taking photos. I am hoping for a clear sky

  5. That's a really neat picture. I love the blue in the sky. :)

  6. Nice article, thanks for the information.



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