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Thursday, October 21, 2010

for the upcoming full moon...

As I already mentioned, I am feeling bogged down and fighting off negativity.  So I am going to do a cleansing ritual for the Full Moon.
Supplies (always optional)
3 candles in orange and red for the Blood Moon
white sage
other incense, I like sandlewood with sage
and I light candles for the other entities that I invite into sacred space; for me, some specific spirit guides and Bast

I am going to clean my work space, my tarot decks, my crystals and my pendulum.  All items in everyday use that are probably as clogged up as I feel.
more later


  1. Good luck with your ritual, Celestite. I hope it helps you to feel better.

  2. Watch out for the Moon going Void-of-course Friday evening and early Saturday morning. You wouldn't want all that hard cleansing work to backfire in some odd way =(

    Good luck as well, though; I've been in a similar de-clogging phase recently, and the physical and magical work to clear it up have been rough.

  3. Thank you Pallas Renatus, I really should check things like that. I will put this off until Saturday evening. Waning Full Moon should be fine.



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